I Finally Did The Thing!

Well, it finally happened. I have been threatening (promising?) to put together a website for some time and now, well as I said, it finally happened!

So, it is with great joy I can say WELCOME to Slinkonage.co.uk! Having recently been accepted by EGX as a press member thanks to being a partnered streamer I thought I would try and develop my writing and typing skills again. It’s been a while since I last had any sort of blog or website put together and it is definitely the first time since becoming a Mixer streamer so I hope this will be quite an exciting time in my life.

That said, like most things, I have very little planned to go on here. It’s going to be more of a ramblethon than anything else. Somewhere I can be a bit opinionated and discuss things I want to discuss. I’m going to be making sure that I bring everyone’s attention to this little project of mine so apologies in advance for Twitter/Discord/anywhere else you might find links to this place.

And so for now, again, welcome. I hope this winds up being a beautiful ride!