There Was a Time When All I Wanted to Be Was A Blogger

It never really happened did it.

Still, as it stands, I haven’t updated this site for the best part of seven months, despite paying a fair deal of money to keep it running (which I have recently renewed). I guess I just don’t have a lot to talk about that I can’t just sling on Twitter or something.

A lot has happened recently. Covid-19 has ravaged the planet. Everyone’s been locked in for their own safety. Some of us have to work anyway (I work in the care industry and I am honestly thankful for it) whilst some of us clap at our front door every Thursday to thank the NHS and our key workers. The clapping is dumb by the way. Especially the crowds that have gathered in some places.

As for me, a few things have changed. I am still streaming, however I decided a few weeks ago that I would no longer be referring to myself as a streamer. I have learned that being called a streamer commands expectations. Expectations I cannot deliver on. There was a time of day I wanted to be a successful streamer, but the more time rolls on, the more I don’t want anything to do with it. I am all about my content. I am not all about sponsorships and how much money I can make from doing what I do. I come from an age where the content you make was the most important thing. What you create says something about you. But so many real people have become vanilla business faces and I just don’t want that. Sure, I am going against the grain but I have always had a rebellious streak so I am just doing what I do best.

I haven’t really streamed any less though. Recently I have gone through Final Fantasy 7 Remake and then Crisis Core afterwards. I am currently playing through Terraria again after the Journey’s End update dropped, and I am looking forward to Command and Conquer remastered at the start of June. It’s been a pretty good time for games, which is odd for this time of year.

Other than that, I am staying healthy. I have picked up Pokemon Go again now we are allowed out a bit more, so I am exercising a bit more finally. I am struggling to fill some voids of time up. Watching streams isn’t really doing it for me, which is a but hypoctirical seeing as I stream too, but I need a new hobby. Something outside gaming. I don’t really know what I like at the moment though. Perhaps I should take up writing. I’ve always wanted to do that… But never enough to actually put any real effort into it. Streaming is all I have really had over the past few years. It’s brought me joy and it sure as hell has brought me some sadness. I have made friends. I have made enemies. As much as I enjoy it though, I am not destined for the big time and I have become okay with that.

And that’s pretty much everything in a nutshell I guess. I want to write more on here and actually get a thing going, but whether I will do that or not remains to be seen.

Definitely maybe?