Acceptance, Accountability and Happiness. How I am choosing to deal with hurt.

Everything that happens to me in life, how I respond to it going forward is on me. I need to hold myself accountable for all of my actions and reactions.

Of course it has been forever since I last posted on here and I am somewhat sorry for this being a deep one, but it’s important to me to share this.

I’ve spent a lot of my life, having been hurt in many weird and wonderful ways, having a somewhat resentful and bitter outlook on things over the years. It’s been easy for me to justify myself feeling this way by blaming other people. But I woke up with a thought in my head recently.

Regardless of anything and everything in your life, you have a choice of how to act and react and those actions are entirely on you.

You hurt someone or love someone? That’s on you.
You choose to be honest or dishonest? That’s on you.
You choose to work hard or be lazy? That’s on you.
You react to people or ignore them based on what they do and say? That’s on you.
You choose to press on or give up? That’s on you.
If someone hurts you, loves you, wrongs you or does something nice for you, that’s on THEM.

And so on.

With this in mind I’ve been thinking about this cynicism and bitterness I have held for a long time. A thought then occurred to me. Where am I now?

I live alone now. I have done what I can to stay connected to the people I care about through streaming mostly. I find myself lazy and unmotivated often and take what others say to me to heart. I am predominantly where I am now because of other people. Or am I?

Despite everything, I chose everything that leads me up to this point. People have hurt me and loved me over the years but ultimately, I have chosen how to respond to these things. I have chosen who I care about and who I don’t, for better or worse and it’s all on me. If I am hardworking or lazy, that’s my choice. If I made mistakes over the years, regrettable or not, that’s been my choice. And all the good things and bad things that people have done to me, that’s on them and not me.

The past shapes who you are and where you stand but it’s still your choice to decide how to move forward, and one more thing is definitely on you…

If you forgive, forget or hold a grudge. That’s on you.

I’ve hurt people. I know I have and some of those people may never forgive me for those things. But it’s on me that I did those things and it’s on them to decide if they forgive me and if they don’t, then it’s on me to deal with that and I have to be accountable for how I respond now.

So to everyone who has ever hurt me, whether you meant to or not, I forgive it, no matter how egregious. It’s on you. You chose to do what you did. At the end of the day I am where I am now. I have problems, but it’s on me to decide whether to fix them or not. Everything that happens to me in life, how I respond to it going forward is on me. I need to hold myself accountable for all of my actions and reactions.

So I choose to let go of the hurt. I choose to forgive every time I have been hurt, because regardless of any of it, I am where I am now and I choose to be okay. Any problems I have right now, I shall choose to resolve them or not and that is on me and I have to be accountable to myself for that.

If you regret, that’s on you. How will you choose to deal with it? And if you choose to just live with it and do nothing, how will you know what will happen? That’s on you. But if that’s okay with you, if you hold yourself accountable and can honestly say “It’s okay”, then that is on you too.

Sometimes you need help to keep yourself accountable and that’s okay too. I have been quite open about my feelings and how I am on stream. I’ve talked about things that have happened to me and how I am dealing with them and I always say I’m not looking for sympathy, but that I simply want to encourage acceptance of talking about things. As a side effect of that though, having other people know how I am helps me stay accountable to myself too. I choose to let others let me help them in the same way too and sometimes I have found my openness has helped someone else deal with their own thoughts. The truth is, I really do believe acceptance and accountability might really be the path to happiness.

You have the choice to hold yourself accountable to yourself. Your happiness, your personality and everything you do doesn’t have to be dictated by the way others see you. And even if you are tired and feel you can’t achieve what you really wish you could, hold yourself accountable. Not to beat yourself up, but to know and accept yourself for your limitations.

You will always slip, but it’s important to always hold yourself accountable to yourself. Accept yourself and be at peace.

Just a Quickie!

I have a few things I want to talk about on here soon. I really do want to get to writing more. I just never make the time to do it.

I’ve been playing through the new Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity game and also dabbling in Phasmophobia, which I love dearly and want to talk about both those experiences at length, but it’s late. I’m writing this at midnight after all…

If you find yourself here, remember you can find me on Twitch, YouTube (kinda. I’m lazy there too) and Twitter!

You could even join my Discord if you like!

Until the next time my dudes!

There Was a Time When All I Wanted to Be Was A Blogger

It never really happened did it.

Still, as it stands, I haven’t updated this site for the best part of seven months, despite paying a fair deal of money to keep it running (which I have recently renewed). I guess I just don’t have a lot to talk about that I can’t just sling on Twitter or something.

A lot has happened recently. Covid-19 has ravaged the planet. Everyone’s been locked in for their own safety. Some of us have to work anyway (I work in the care industry and I am honestly thankful for it) whilst some of us clap at our front door every Thursday to thank the NHS and our key workers. The clapping is dumb by the way. Especially the crowds that have gathered in some places.

As for me, a few things have changed. I am still streaming, however I decided a few weeks ago that I would no longer be referring to myself as a streamer. I have learned that being called a streamer commands expectations. Expectations I cannot deliver on. There was a time of day I wanted to be a successful streamer, but the more time rolls on, the more I don’t want anything to do with it. I am all about my content. I am not all about sponsorships and how much money I can make from doing what I do. I come from an age where the content you make was the most important thing. What you create says something about you. But so many real people have become vanilla business faces and I just don’t want that. Sure, I am going against the grain but I have always had a rebellious streak so I am just doing what I do best.

I haven’t really streamed any less though. Recently I have gone through Final Fantasy 7 Remake and then Crisis Core afterwards. I am currently playing through Terraria again after the Journey’s End update dropped, and I am looking forward to Command and Conquer remastered at the start of June. It’s been a pretty good time for games, which is odd for this time of year.

Other than that, I am staying healthy. I have picked up Pokemon Go again now we are allowed out a bit more, so I am exercising a bit more finally. I am struggling to fill some voids of time up. Watching streams isn’t really doing it for me, which is a but hypoctirical seeing as I stream too, but I need a new hobby. Something outside gaming. I don’t really know what I like at the moment though. Perhaps I should take up writing. I’ve always wanted to do that… But never enough to actually put any real effort into it. Streaming is all I have really had over the past few years. It’s brought me joy and it sure as hell has brought me some sadness. I have made friends. I have made enemies. As much as I enjoy it though, I am not destined for the big time and I have become okay with that.

And that’s pretty much everything in a nutshell I guess. I want to write more on here and actually get a thing going, but whether I will do that or not remains to be seen.

Definitely maybe?

The Curious Case of Jeremy Clarkson vs Greta Thunberg

I have been called a fence sitter by many people over the years, and I am in a sense that I always try and see both sides of a story. By the same token, I do tend to have an opinion on things, which is sometimes polarizing.

You have probably heard of Greta Thunberg, the teenage environmental activist from Sweden who has made waves with her School Strike for Climate and her work with Extinction Rebellion. She is someone who is so passionate about what she believes that she even convinced her parents to make changes, including going vegan and stopping flying.

Then there is the other person who is mentioned in the title of this piece and you have probably also heard of Jeremy Clarkson, co-host of the Grand Tour and writer for The Sun newspaper in the UK. Most recently he has had this article published in the newspaper, which brings me to the topic of the title of this piece.

I respect Greta Thunberg’s passion for what she believes. I also think its a very good thing to be passionate about. The environment of our little blue marble sees itself getting more out of control and more and more we see our most powerful individuals turn a blind eye. It is a bit sad that a lot of people still don’t care enough about keeping our world habitable and in modern society, it is very easy to take a lot of what we have for granted.

“I’m sorry Ms Thunberg, but if you’re going to lay into my generation, you must accept it when I lay into you and yours.” Started the retort from Mr. Clarkson. Whilst he rightly went on to list a lot of things we all take for granted, and I am quite sure even Greta Thunberg would even take a lot of the modern conveniences we have for granted too, he also takes something of a fight fire with fire approach. He makes a lot of decent points about education and learning genuine ways to help combat climate change, but he does so through calling her a spoilt brat. You can’t accuse someone of being spoilt because they’re having “a tantrum” by responding with a tantrum! I mean you can, but why should anybody take it seriously?

Now I can agree, that the way she addressed the UN this past week was, for want of a better word, unsavoury. Her (what I shall call) “How dare you?” speech lamenting on how her, and I’m paraphrasing here, dreams and childhood are ruined and that her audience only talk of eternal economic growth, whilst not entirely unfounded I would say, is also aimed at the wrong people. “Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you!” she blasts. Yes, yes we do. We as people of the world have made a lot of mistakes, it is true, but politicians can’t make change without a plan. And yes, we rely on the young scientists doing real research to make those plans. Yes, many of us all wish things could be different, but addressing people in outright anger, regardless of applause, is not going to change anything.

Extinction Rebellion has said its piece and done what it needs to do, yet still we see days of blockades in major cities and worldwide protests. What are they achieving? Many of us are painfully aware of the situation at hand, and those who don’t want to listen aren’t going to change their minds because you inconvenience the common people. If anything, by attacking the wrong people you create more rifts in the debate. 

We live in an age where anger seems to topple all, from social media all the way to the mass protests we keep seeing and even from the media, all we see is anger. Everyone is angry at someone. We see it in many topics. We see it in discussion about Brexit. We see it in discussion about Donald Trump. Social media has very little constructive debate and an awful lot of throwing angry comments and we all know how much they get done. Surely, then, we can’t expect anger-induced speeches and angry retorts from the newspapers to have any effect either.

We all need to take a step back, find some civility and address each other with respect, no matter how wrong we might think the other side is. But truthfully it feels like prominent figures welcome the angry ranting, rather than the constructive discussion. It was welcomed in the UN with thunderous applause. It was welcomed in The Sun in an angry retort. We see it in our parliament buildings on a daily basis.

Free speech is great. We can all say what we want, how we want. And people are allowed to retort to anything you say in any way they see fit. That is how free speech works. You’re allowed to disagree with everything I say here, and I am allowed to stand by what I say. But we all need to take a moment to take some responsibility for our self respect, and respect for others and then, maybe, we might see some change.

Spark Patronage changes on Mixer, and what that means for me and my community.

I just wanted to make a quick post regarding spark/ember changes that are now being discussed in Social Media.

I just wanted to make a quick post regarding spark/ember changes that are now being discussed in Social Media.

As you may or may not know, after August 6th, spark patronage is changing. Instead of milestones giving a flat cash reward to a partnered streamer, they will instead contribute to ember value for that streamer, increasing the value of embers spent during each milestone period.

So let’s look at the facts at face value for myself. I will be earning considerably less money from streaming, as I see very little ember spend in my channel. That isn’t a complaint, just a fact.

So what does this mean for sparks in my channel and for my community? As far as interaction goes, I am planning no changes to stickers/MixPlay. Costs will stay the same and you’ll be able to interact how you wish. What changes for YOU however, is you get to use the MixPlay for what it is intended, an interaction system. No longer will you feel the need to weigh up when you spend them for the sake of milestones, which frankly, is great news.

I have always been apprehensive about spark milestones being monetized. Money doesn’t grow on trees and patronage as it exists was always going to go away. We, as partners, have simply had the privilege of receiving free money through this programme. I am not sad to see it go. So many people have abused the system in its current form and it has been a cause of stress for both streamers and viewers alike.

So what else going forward? Here’s a quick Q&A

What will you do to bring in more ember spend?
Honesty, not a lot. I may see if I can find a gentle way to incentivise using them, but at the same time, I will not be driving the idea hard. I haven’t done this far and I don’t intend to going forward.

What about viewers who feel they can’t contribute anymore?
You were already contributing by watching, chatting, sharing my streams and clips on social media and otherwise. Money isn’t, and never will be, the single way to support me.

Does this mean you won’t be able to afford games/equipment/etc?
Not at all. Let me level with you. I could take an extra shift at work, any time, and earn more in that one shift than I earned in patronage for a month. Patronage was always a bonus. If I am ever stuck for cash, that will never be on my community for as long as work is an option to me.

What about taking PayPal again?
First of all, not an option, and even if it was, I wouldn’t use it. PayPal is bad.

I think that covers most, if not all bases. If anyone has any questions please feel free to tweet at me @slinkonage or join The Discord Server!

Thanks for reading!

I Don’t Like the Nintendo Switch Lite. Hear Me Out.

Now I feel I must preface this by saying, the Switch Lite is not aimed at me. I am not the target audience for it. But I still don’t like it, and I think it has the potential to harm the Switch in general, which is why I don’t like it.

So, the Switch Lite is a Nintendo Switch. Only it’s not. It’s a games machine that plays Switch software, but it’s not a Switch. It is a piece of hardware with a 5.5″ screen (as opposed to the Switch having a 6.2″ screen) and weighs in at 0.61lbs (as opposed to the Switch weighing in at 0.88lbs).

Here is why it’s not a Switch.

It has no dock, so therefore has no connectivity to a television. It is a dedicated handheld device designed to be more portable than the flagship Switch. It has no tabletop mode, as it doesn’t have removable joycons which means you have to buy joycons to play certain games. And then how do you charge those joycons if you do buy them? They don’t attach to the Switch lite.

It has none of the features that make the Switch the Switch. The whole point of the Switch was the fact that it was versatile. It was a home console and a handheld, and you could “switch” how you used it at any time. Or you could detach the joycons and “switch” it to a portable multiplayer device. The Lite feels like a branding disaster.

We all sort of knew that the Switch lite was coming, but when it doesn’t have any of the features that make it a Switch, what does that mean for the brand?

I was reminded of the 2DS and the fact that it didn’t have any of these branding related issues. But the 2DS was genuis. Already in the name it was obvious that they dropped the 3D functionality and the lack of folding, whilst hurting the portability of it a touch (and this was also fixed in the New 2DS) it was a small price to pay for a budget system that played 3DS games. And it was branded as such. The Switch Lite is branded as a Switch, so it should come with the features that make the Switch what it is. And it doesn’t. Like the 2DS, the branding should have been altered to make it similar enough that people will recongise the hardware, but seperate enough so as to not hurt the Switch brand.

Remember the Wii U? It was branded as a Wii, and wasn’t actually a Wii. It was hardware that played Wii software and allowed Wii peripherals. And what did that do to the Wii brand?

I hope the same doesn’t happen here with the Switch, but I see people buying this up without reading the information available and expecting a lot more from it than they are getting, and that it going to lead to disappointment. I love the Switch and it’s a great time to be a Switch owner, but my advice right now is save up for the flagship system. It’s going to be $100 more but you’re going to get a lot more out of the versatility of it than you will the Lite.

I’m still confused what market they are aiming for with the Lite when the flagship system does exactly what the Lite does, and so much more.

Again, this is an opinion. Make of it what you will, but this is my two pence into the fountain.

Is a lack of variety really a “problem” in the streaming world?

As a variety streamer, there is something I see a lot which is really starting to, for want of a better phrase, grind my gears, and that is people suggesting that “We need more variety on streaming platforms”.

Excuse me first of all for pointing at myself, but joking aside I am actually going somewhere with this, so please bear with me.

Now just to make sure that I am absolutely clear and to make sure context is maintained, I am a variety streamer on Mixer. This is really important to the context of everything I am about to say, so just keep that in mind as you read what will end up being a round in circles rant, because this whole “problem” is a huge circle of issues.

First of all, the most important thing to note here, is that regardless of the streaming platform, variety does exist! I am proof of that, but I am just one person. But there are others, so many others, struggling to find their audience but hopefully having a lot of fun whilst they’re at it.

Despite this I keep seeing on twitter almost every day “We need more variety!” thank you for that. It’s nice to see variety talked about on social platforms. It makes variety a talking point and that is all to the good. You voicing your support for variety can only be a good thing. But how far does that support go? And keep up with me here because as I say, variety does exist. A lot of it. Lack of variety isn’t the issue.

The issue is that, despite the voicing of support constantly, variety actually gets very little support on the platforms. As I look on Mixer as I write this, I can find 6 streamers playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 (3 of which with 0 viewers), 52 streamers playing Skyrim (32 with 0 viewers, 15 with 1 viewer), 33 people playing The Sims 4 (14 with 0 viewers)… The list goes on but I’d be here all day. These are just a few examples I picked out of the herd.

It’s not that people aren’t playing a variety of games, it’s that people don’t want to watch a variety of games. People don’t want to support people playing a variety of games. I am generalising for sure as I have a solid community on Mixer that I have built on variety, but I am in a minority there. People like to complain that games like Fortnite and Apex Legends have taken over the streaming sites, without accepting that these games are simply the games that the majority of people want to watch.

The problem isn’t with the lack of variety content, the problem is in the genuine demand for variety content. But how much of a problem is it actually and what, realistically, can anyone do to change that?

The fact of the matter is, it’s not really a problem. If you are a good streamer (and let’s nip this controversial thing in the bud, not everyone is a good streamer) then you will know how to network. You’ll know how to entertain, or teach, or approach an audience, and you will grow somewhat from your own talent. This also ties into other things I’ve said in the past regarding being a streamer vs being someone who streams. It’s okay to stream and not identify as a streamer. It’s okay to stream to 0 people and not care. But if you do care, then getting good at being a streamer will help you find like-minded people.

The REAL problem, tying back to where I started all this, is people screaming how we need more variety, when in actual fact, they just aren’t looking for it. Streaming sites always list games by viewership, not by how many people are streaming them. It stands to reason that the popular games 99% of people want to see will be topping the list. It’s supply and demand. People will watch what they want, simple as that. Screaming that there isn’t enough variety is just a flat out lie, but by the same token, us variety streamers can’t just sit here and demand people watch our content if it’s not what people want to watch.

Similarly, people who complain about so many streamers playing the trending games are somewhat just as problematic. There are a good few streamers who stream for a living. It puts food on the table and it pays the rent. It makes sense that using the trends to help do just that is a thing. Hell, if I relied on my Mixer partnership to eat and have a roof over my head, I expect I would probably do the same. I am lucky enough to not have to do that because I have a steady job outside of streaming. My partnership helps me buy new games, increasing my variety and get upgrades and suchlike. People streaming trending games for a living isn’t a problem. Not enough variety isn’t a problem. People publicly claiming that there isn’t enough variety simply haven’t tried to support it properly, otherwise they would know its there. That is the “problem”, If you can call it that. I told you this would come full circle.

I say “problem” because it’s not really a problem. People like to claim it is, but it’s not. People will stream what content they want to stream. People will watch what content they want to watch. Where’s the problem?

Again, please remember I am generalising with this for sure. There are exceptions to this. There are people who say these things but do support variety streamers, but perhaps they just need to expand their horizons and see how many variety folks there are out there. Hell, even some of the trending game streamers will come out and find variety streamers because THEY need something different, but again, where is the problem? Was it ever a problem in the first place? Maybe we should stop calling out a variety problem and start celebrating our variety brethren. If you really believe it’s a problem, then go support some variety streamers, or be the change you want to see and stream some variety yourself! Be part of the solution to the problem you see.

Very Brief EGX Recap and my Game of the Year Candidate

So the last time I posted here I mentioned that I would be taking notes at EGX and writing a lot about my trip. I didn’t do any of those things. EGX was okay. Xbox didn’t show up at all, which was very disappointing. I had an argument with a security guard who couldn’t read entry passes on the Saturday, which upset me. I got to play Kingdom Hearts 3 though, so I got that going for me!

I also got to meet quite a few other Mixer folks while I was there. That was also nice, although I was, predictably, a bit timid about that whole experience. Maybe if we all meet up again another time I will be less timid.

As for the last few days though, I have been hammering Forza Horizon 4. It’s been a long time since a game has made me as happy as it has. It’s incredible. Almost perfect.Online is a little bit ropey. It likes to break up convoys between races which is annoying and not allocate servers to races, but when it does work, it is sublime!

One of my favourite additions has to be Forzathon Live. Instead of a few gamerscoreless achievements every week, you gain points from events that trigger every hour that you do with others in your shared world. You can then spend those points on cars or cosmetic items, or on wheelspins. There are also weekly and daily tasks that give you points on top of that. VIP players also get double points for free with a house you can buy. Non-VIP players can get this house for five million credits.

If I could imrpove anything that is just how the game is though, its clubs. Clubs are now handled through Xbox Live clubs, rather than being an ingame feature. As a result there is far less tracking for clubs as was found in Forza Horizon 3 and I miss the in-club rivalries to reach the top of the club board.

Anyway, that’s me for a while. WWE 2K19 comes out tomorrow for Deluxe Edition buyers, and I am working. But I shall be streaming that over the weekend and probably alternating between that and Forza for quite a while.

See you later!

Streaming Life, Burn Out and EGX!

Firstly, again. I am sorry I haven’t updated this more. I have failed horribly at getting stuff put out on here and I feel bad about it. I have a terrible memory and every time I think of something I want to talk about, I fail to remember this place is even here. I need to get better at doing things and getting into habits.

That said, streaming life update! I took a week off a few weeks back to recharge the old batteries. There’s been some dramas and some madness and some burnout (and even a touch of anger) that I had to deal with regarding streaming. But I got it out of my system. but burnout is something that is becoming a big issue lately.

So streaming, as a partner, is more than just going live and doing the stream. There’s a lot I won’t get into on here but just know that its not all about going live and performing. There is a lot goes on in the background. A lot of it becomes quite stressful on occasion.

Or rather it does if you let it, and I let it, hence taking the break.

There is something I want to say to all streamers that are feeling the burn. We all have those times when we wonder if it is worth continuing on with what you are doing. I see streamers quitting regularly or at the very least taking long breaks due to stress. So here it is…

On those days when you aren’t sure if you want to carry on, take that break. Take some time for yourself. Ask yourself an important question. “Why did I start streaming in the first place?” Compare the answer to that to what your current goals and stresses are. Likelihood is, somewhere along the line you lost your way because you forgot why you started in the first place.

I started streaming to make friends, simply enough. I had very few friends to play games with and I wanted more, so I started streaming. Somewhere along the line I got stressed about growth and after getting partner somewhere I got stressed about getting subs and “selling” subs to more people. I am proud to be a partner but my intial aim was never to make money, I just wanted to meet people and play video games with them. Remembering this has pulled me out of one of the biggest slumps I have had since I started streaming and lately, my streams (I have felt, at least) have been better than ever, because I remembered why I started in the first place. And I have made a ton of friends, and I love streaming and hanging out with my friends. I am happy with where I have come.

So when you feel like quitting, remember why you started in the first place.

That all aside, it is EGX 2018 this week! I will be there all 4 days and hope to meet a whole ton of my peers and community there, as I know many of you are going. I can’t wait, but will admit I am a bit nervous. There are so many top quality people I respect and admire going, and I am a timid little sausage. I hope to post about my trip to EGX on here so I will be taking notes while I am there!

Anyway, until next time, have a great day!

The Crew 2 Open Beta… Why I Won’t be Buying the Game

Simple really. The check point system. The system that tells you where to go when you are in a race. It’s garbage.

I am a fairly big fan of Forza Horizon 3 and I am hyped as all hell for Forza Horizon 4. Like super hyped. The Crew 2 has an open beta, live right now as I type this (it finishes on Monday 25th June afaik) and people all around have told me I’ll love it if I love Forza Horizon 3. So naturally I have tried it out.

Now I started out this post literally with the one key reason I don’t like The Crew 2. Now, it works with the same checkpoint system used in Forza Horizon 3 or GTA Online’s racing. You race in a real world environment, not necessarily a racetrack, and the game provides checkpoints to mark out the route.

Now GTA Online (official courses, let’s be clear here) and FH3 do this in a good way. The checkpoints are very clearly marked and they exist on every corner of a track. The minimap also points out the whole course so you can see exactly what you’re up against and see exactly where you need to go.

The Crew 2 doesn’t do either of these things. Checkpoints are more spaced out, perhaps to facilitate looking for shortcuts. But sometimes your next checkpoint is around a series of bends. Seriously, all these bends need a checkpoint to make the course more visible. The first proper race I had I drove through a checkpoint and the next one just wasn’t visible. IT WAS BEHIND ME! I had to go round a 180° bend which was not marked out.

Oh aye, it was on the minimap, but only after I had cleared the previous checkpoint, so I didn’t even have time to slow down for the bend, crashing out with no style at all. So, the minimap only takes you to your next checkpoint. WHY THE HELL DOESN’T THE MINIMAP MAP THE WHOLE COURSE! It’s completely senseless! Want me to win a race? TELL ME WHERE THE COURSE GOES!

Why do I seem so angry? It’s just an open beta Slink! You didn’t pay anything for it Slink!. I am mad because it’s one of those games I want to like. I really really want something to tide me over until Forza Horizon 4 comes out. But The Crew 2 does so much, goes out of its way even, to make me dislike it. It is riddled with design flaws, not in it’s tracks, but in the way they are presented. Not to mention the collision mechanics are stiff as a board. Make a slight mistake and clip a fence? Prepare to lose all your momentum.

So The Crew 2. I am sorry. I want to like you, but you don’t want me to like you, and that is a shame. You have so much potential and all you need is some QoL tweaks. Also you made me say GTA Online does something better than you, and that makes me very sad…