EGX Soon!

It’s that time of year again. Actually it’s a little later this year and once again I find myself heading to EGX, now in London which also makes me happy. I didn’t like Birmingham. Or the NEC. Saying that though I am not actually familiar with its venue this year, at the ExCel London Exhibition Center. Hopefully it will be accomodating.

I must admit though, this year I don’t find myself too excited about a lot of the big titles on offer. I think I’ll find myself mooching around Nintendo and the Indie scene a lot more this year. Pokémon Sword and Shield has my attention and, recently, there has been announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be on the show floor!

More than anything I am looking forward to meeting up with people. Last year it was a wild experience and I found myself very over-sensitized. This year I am hoping, knowing what to expect, that I will be much less flaky.

So, I head out on Wednesday to London and will be at the convention all 4 days, though I will be leaving earlier on Friday and Saturday for other commitments I have whilst I am there, so if you want to come say hi, please don’t be shy. I probably will be, but I will try not to be!

I Have Not Already Forgotten About This Place…

Between streaming, work and E3, I have to admit, I haven’t had an awful lot to talk about. Which is odd, considering E3 is in that list. I wasn’t hugely hyped for much, aside from Kingdom Hearts 3 and Forza Horizon 4. That said, I have EGX coming in September where I will get some hands on time with a lot of new games, so perhaps that is what I am waiting for.

Wasn’t E3 an odd one this year though? It started so strong. Microsoft really knocked it out of the park this year and while I can’t say (again) as I was hyped for much, there was a lot going on there that I know a lot of people are excited for. Nintendo had an alright showing, if you like Smash Bros, which I kinda don’t. Sony, well… Fortnite kind of over shadowed your whole thing huh… Well done.

Still, I figured I’d post a wee update. I am still trying to figure out how to add updating this place to my list of things to do and it always takes me a while to add new things to my routine. Though I have managed to add some more exercise to that routine. I am losing weight nicely and playing Pokemon Go again…

What? I want to find some hype into those fandangled Pokemon Let’s Go games… What! Stop looking at me like that!!!

Again, new post soon, when I have something to rant about (probably). I mean, it might not be a rant, it might be nice and fun. Like me.